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It’s already that time!

For a preview of what Citizen Kid has for Back to School check out our newest window display! ¬†We have also updated our website – please have a look at the “Featured Toys” page.

Link: Citizen Kid – Featured Product



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Morning Live!

Turns out I won’t be posting the video – turns out it’s not mine to post! That makes sense, I suppose. Next time we will just have to give more advanced warning so we can all tune it! Thanks again to CH Morning Live for having us on!
Rebecca appeared on CHCH Morning Live this morning! It was a short segment where she discussed Citizen Kid’s philosophy and looked at a few products we carry. We’ll be sure to post the video as soon as we can!

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Citizen Kid is a specialty store. We have a comparatively small inventory of carefully chosen products. We aspire to cary the best, most beautiful, most natural toys and accessories. This, of course, will continue to be fine-tuned. Another aspect of specialization is our commitment to offer a rounded selection for a range of age groups.

There is a decal in our store window that reads “quality toys for kids 0-8”. I thought it would be neat to write a series of blog posts featuring products for every age — zero to eight.

(Will it stop at age 8? Should it stop there? Should we get rid of the 0-8 altogether?)

Here is the first one in the series! Zero!

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An unanticipated perk of working at Citizen Kid is that we get to meet so many babies! Sweet and beautiful babies that didn’t repeatedly wake us up last night and didn’t require 12 diaper changes before lunch! Instead we see (mostly) smiling and contented babies happily sizing up the toys on display. The best kind of babies! Of course, we also meet many “expecting” Moms and Dads as well as giddy and proud Grandparents or Grandparents to be.

One of our favourite and most recommended product lines for babies comes from a company called “Dress Me Up.”

We love “Dress Me Up” because it is:
– absolutely beautiful and unique (each item is hand-stitched)
– Canadian made
– made with unbleached, organic fabrics

Check out these items and more at the Dress Me Up website:

These “Teething Bon-Bons” are made with certified organic cotton and naturally antibacterial lamb’s wool. Just dip the knots in water and pop them in the freezer. Chewing on the frozen knots provides soothing relief for tender baby gums and the wool centre keeps hands warm and dry.

This blanket/burp cloth set is incredibly soft, safe, and beautifully simple. The hand-stitched embroidery is perfect!

The soft blocks perform double duty as toys and stylish nursery decor.

This “age zero” category includes eagerly awaited arrivals, newborns, the 3 month old who is busily taking-in the world around him, and the 9 month old crawling menace!

For all of these, we carry a carefully chosen selection of soother clips, stuffed animals and dolls, rattles made of wood, and knitted rattles shaped like everything from an ice-cream cone to an ear of corn.

There are so many wonderful products for babies and we are very interested in hearing any recommendations from our customers so please feel free to leave a comment here or have a chat with us at the store to share your favourites.


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