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We recently launched our new e-newsletter called The Citizen Squid!  It was very fun to put together the first issue, and we hope those of you who received it enjoyed reading the latest updates from Citizen Kid.

Meet_The_SquidIf you missed it, please feel free to subscribe via our website.  Look for the “sign up” window in the top right corner.

Lastly, kudos to Chris and the whole gang at kitestring creative marketing and design for the artwork and programming involved in producing The Squid.


We have been busily preparing for the Christmas holiday shopping season.  The store is already getting very well stocked with new products and favourites.  We are looking forward to the music, the snowflakes, and all the trimmings and trappings that come with this time of the year.  Please subscribe to the newsletter or the blog for all the latest news and updates.  Thanks!


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October is Small Business Month at our local RBC branch at Locke and Main Street.  They set up a table for some local small businesses to promote themselves.  I set this up last week and this morning was happy to find evidence that it was being well played with…


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Some have three eyes, some only have one!  Some have fangs and some just stick out their tongue!

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Do I reference “Manic Monday” by the Bangles or… “I Don’t Like Mondays” by the Boomtown Rats?  I’m going with The Mamas and the Papas…  “Monday Monday… so good to me.”

As of this Monday October 19th Citizen Kid will be open on Mondays!


So currently our hours are as follows:

Monday – Saturday 10am-6pm  and  Sunday 11am-5pm

In the coming weeks we will begin to extend our hours for cosy evening holiday shopping so stay tuned for further updates!

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Halloween is only 3 weeks away!  What are you dressing up as?  My oldest daughter will be trick-or-treating as a fierce shark — the two year old as a monkey.  I found a great Storm Trooper mask which might replace the gruesome monster mask I’ve used for the past few years.

We’re ready for Halloween at Citizen Kid, too!  If you’ve been into the store recently you’ve seen a nice collection of Ugly Dolls.


We have also added some fun books.  “Vunce Upon a Time” tells the story of a young vampire named Dagmar.  He happens to be a vegetarian.  He’s scared of people but determined to go trick-or-treating this year!


Then there is “Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance.” Frank follows his dream but there are unintended consequences!


There’s lots of other fun stuff too.  Check out the knitted candy corn rattles and hand-sewn loot bags!

Halloween loot bagsHalloween rattles HOLIDAY

Thanks for visiting the blog and… Happy Halloween!

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We’ve been very busy (as evidenced by the lack of blog posts) discovering more exciting products to bring to Citizen Kid. One of our favourites is a fun fresh take on the traditional doll house. It’s called the Forest Fairy Lodge!

Style, comfort and convenience abound in our wondrous wooden dream home designed with fairies in mind. Lovingly built to resemble the hollowed trunk of a tree (a known fairy hangout), it has three spacious levels, a spiral staircase, doors that open, and decorative windows.  (www.enchantmints.com)


Billed as “luxury living for discriminating fairies”, this hollow-tree home can be filled with all sorts of fairy finery from toadstool tables and chairs, to a comfortable hammock made from leaves and mushrooms. A cosy living room set is also a must!


If you haven’t been to the store in a while there are other new things to see — so come on down!

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