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Renee and Jeremy‘s albums “C’mon” and “It’s A Big World!” are both available in store.

Isn’t that a great video!!!


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Latest ad…

Here’s our latest ad for a local print publication.  Makes me want to finger paint!

Thanks again to kitestring creative marketing & design for their expertise!

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Back in October we reviewed Ziggy Marley’s album called “Family Time” as part of our first edition of The Citizen Squid e-newsletter.  I just noticed that since then Ziggy won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Album for Children for this CD – a Citizen Kid favourite!

Here is the original review:

Did you hear?

Did you hear Ziggy’s new album?

Our collection of music for children includes a wide variety of sophisticated yet kid-right albums by real musical artists. We’ve got everything from folk, pop, and world music to dreamy lullabies and jazz. In every edition of the Citizen Squid we will feature one of our current favourite albums.

Ziggy Marley, the son of the iconic Bob Marley, recently released his first album for kids called “Family Time.

When you open the CD the first thing you notice is the wonderfully illustrated jacket depicting the life-cycle of a butterfly.  Inside you will also find a foldout poster to colour, and all of the song lyrics.

But it’s really about the music, right?  And Ziggy certainly does not disappoint.  There is an inspired mix of songs here to uplift your soul (Wings of an Eagle) and move your feet (Ziggy Says).  Many of the tracks are collaborations with other artists including Jack Johnson, Willie Nelson, and Paul Simon. To reinforce the family theme there are contributions from his mother, Rita Marley, and his son, Judah, as well.

The focus of these songs is fun and togetherness — and that is a refrain that bears repeating. You will want to listen to Ziggy with your kids over and over again.

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Our friend Katrina is part of a group organizing a new Hill Street Community Garden.  Now that’s some good citizenship!  Here is the information she passed on to us:

This Saturday, April 17, we’ll be raising the Hill Street Community Garden!

We have to build the boxes, line them with landscape cloth and fill them with soil. We will also have a group of 25 youth who are volunteering to help us, and we hope that you are planning to come too! It will be a day of garden making and community building. We’ll come together at 10am for a short opening ceremony and coffee (donated by Starbucks) and get working by 10:30am. Child care will also be available for those who need it.

Bring with you:
– tools: shovels, rakes, cordless drills
– lunch, sunscreen, gloves, hat, water

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Citizen Twit…

As noted in the latest issue of The Citizen Squid, we now have a Twitter account.  Yay!  Yay?  I suppose Twitter is only as good as you make it.  To a large extent, you get what you give.  So I have been “following” and tweeting for a few weeks.

So far it has been fun and rewarding to connect with some new people, and to stay on top of what some of our favourite suppliers and toy makers are up to.  My hope is that we can use Twitter as a tool to engage Citizen Kid with the toy biz in a broader way and, perhaps more importantly, use it as another way to stay engaged with you, our  customers.

So, if you’re so inclined, please “follow” us at:


… and stay tuned for Twitter specific promos and specials, as well as some interesting tweets we think might interest you… or at least make you smile.

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I sent out the latest Citizen Squid – Spring Edition e-newsletter today!

If you have subscribed online or in-store and don’t see it in your in-box please let us know and we can send it to you directly. If you have yet to subscribe please do so on our website (www.citizenkid.ca) and I’ll be sure to get the latest edition out to you soon.


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