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Beaux Mondes…

The ladies at Beaux Mondes, a delightful blog highlighting a wide array of things stylish and beautiful, wrote this post following their visit to Citizen Kid.

Check it out!

Link: Beaux Mondes on Citizen Kid

Beaux Mondes is the musings of Stephanie Trendocher and Jacklyn Warmington; a daily blog about people, places and things we love.

We support local, Canadian and online businesses. We adore all things vintage, organic, environmentally conscious and do-it-yourself. We have an appreciation for old world glamour, French inspired style, worn faded beauty, and a love affair with classic elegance and etiquette.


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We’re excited to tell you about one of the latest products available at Citizen Kid.  It’s called The Little Experience and it’s a line of wonderfully cute and creative craft projects for boys and girls.  The products are loosely categorized as crafts you can knit, build, stitch, or create.  Check them out!

You can knit your own little elephant…

You can stitch your very own racoon or squirrel keychain…

You can build a snack-bar for the birds…

Or even create your own custom jig-saw puzzle…

Every one of the kits from The Little Experience allows your child the opportunity to learn a new skill, express their creativity, and to proudly display their work.  Even the packaging is fun – each one can be re-purposed/recycled into something great!

Come check them out at Citizen Kid… they will be here on Saturday!

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A little in-store BBQ at Citizen Kid today!  It’s the My Backyard Barbecue Set from Educo!

We’ve got kebabs with veggies and shrimp, fresh fish…

… and a few cuts of some sort of mystery meat!  Delicious!

We have a limited stock of these right now… so get it while it’s HOT!

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We’re getting new products all the time at Citizen Kid but we never thought we would be this excited to tell you about the bags to carry them in!

Last week we finally got our big order of “EPI degradable plastic” bags.  We are very happy with the bright colours and how convient they are.  We are extra very happy with how environmentally friendly they are.

EPI Environmental Technologies is a Canadian company that developed an additive called TDPA that, when used in the production of plastic products, renders the bags oxo-biodegradable.  This means the bag will biodegrade in approximately 2 years.  That’s 500 times as fast as any conventional plastic bag!

Click here for a scientific explanation.

Obviously the most environmentally friendly choice we all can make is to always bring re-usable bags.  However, we will continue to happily provide 100% recycled kraft paper bags with tissue and ribbon for gifts purchased at Citizen Kid.  And now these colourful degradable plastic bags too – a handy choice especially for rainy days!

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