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Looking for a little help with the fall clean-up? Citizen Kid has these excellent leaf rakes, straw brooms, and indoor brooms too! These are not the throw-away kind of tools that just end up discouraging your little ones by bending or breaking.  These have hardwood handles and quality bristles and tines — sized for kids. Made in Germany by Gluckskaefer.

So rake up a big pile of leaves and be sure to jump in a few times before bagging them!


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Lots of great stuff just arrived from Germany today… including these great little wooden cars…

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Check out this link… Reverse trick or treating in the name of fair trade?  Cool!

(but I still love my Reese cups!)

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Good Citizenship

Back in March of 2009, as part of our VERY FIRST blog post, I wrote the following:

Why are we called Citizen Kid?  We chose the name to highlight the idea that decisions made by kids (or on their behalf) reflect on that individual as a member of a good society.  A good citizen helps somebody cross the street,  holds open doors, and participates in their community.  We think they also make ethical decisions about what they buy.  One can choose high-quality, long lasting, and eco-friendly toys.  It’s an important concept to us – something we try to teach our own children.

Our local community is entering the home stretch of months of campaigning for upcoming municipal elections.  In Hamilton this means that we are voting for a Mayor and also for Ward Counselors who represent 15 different neighbourhoods (Wards) in our fine city.

If you ask me in person I will tell you exactly who I plan on voting for and why.  Let’s maintain that this is a blog mostly about toys and not overtly political in nature, but please allow me to encourage you to engage yourself, your children and family, and your neighbours in this important (and sometimes annoying) democratic process.

Find out who is running in your Ward.  See what they have to say.  Pick one.  Then vote.  It’s part of being a good citizen!

For a good summary of most of the candidates check out: Raise The Hammer

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Canada has, under the Environmental Protection Act, made BPA (Bisphenol-A) officially a toxic and dangerous material.  Sadly, this compound is very often used in the plastic toys our children play with.

Check out the story here.

Some wonderful toy manufacturers have been making plastic toys very specifically free of BPA and phthalates for quite some time. And they are all made from recycled plastic too!

Check out: Green Toys

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We hope you can join us on October 24 at 4pm for a free concert with Charlie Hope!  Live!  At Citizen Kid!

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