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mocobabies wants you to PLAY. INTERACT. ENGAGE. And they want you to be able to do that with sign language!

We just received another order from mocobabies. They create a series of tools designed to teach parents and children (infants and toddlers) a different way to communicate. We’ve got sets of flashcards, handy repositionable stickers, and even placemats!

Signing with hearing preverbal children provides babies with a way to communicate before they are able to speak. It can reduce baby’s frustration while giving you a glimpse into their world. Signing is incredibly rewarding and with mocobabies signing tools it becomes a lot of fun.

The flashcards and the place-mats are both double sides and laminated so they can stand up drool, pureed carrots, and all the spilled milk you can throw at them. The signs are based in American Sign Language (ASL).



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We’re almost 1/12th of the way into 2011 and what’s new at Citizen Kid? Lots of stuff!

Well first of all, we are re-stocked on some of our favourites like:

Goblet Gobblers – a very fun tic-tac-toe style game from Blue Orange Games with wooden blue and orange gobblers.

Doodling and colouring books from Taro Gomi.

Waldorf style stacking blocks from Grimm’s.

We have also added some new products including some great new stuff for the under 1 year old set:

Wee Gallery Art Cards and soft books.

Organic cotton toys for babies from Dandelion.

And also the newest lines from cate & levi including hand-made purses and journals made in Canada.

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The Canadian government has decided that chemicals that damage a child’s health shouldn’t be in toys!


The scariest part of the article is when it says Canadian retailers have until June to sell off any toys that would be subject to the future ban. Do they suppose the products are less toxic before the summer? If a retailer puts these products on sale, does that mean consumers are getting a good deal?

Just in case you didn’t know… we DO sell plastic toys.  They are BPA free and made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic. It’s not that it’s not possible to have safer plastics, it just takes some thought and ingenuity. Check out the Green Toys website!

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Our order of Yellow Bird Paper greeting cards just arrived.

We love their line of cards and love the fact they are printed right here in Canada on eco-friendly paper. Click the link above to learn more and to see their whole line. We have a nice selection for baby showers and birthdays now in-store.

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We are placing our next order with ecojot today and were inspired to share a little information about this amazing company.

Ecojot designs and prints a huge selection of notebooks and sketchbooks right here in Canada. They use 100% recycled paper. No new trees are used to make their paper and board. The paper is acid free and processed without chlorine. Their inks and glues are all vegetable based. Awesome, right?

It doesn’t stop there.  Last year they started a program called “Buy 1, Give 1” where for every notebook they sell they donate another one to a child in need. To date they have donated over 70,000 books in countries all over the world. Think of the possibilities for learning, education, and expression this gives these kids! Incredible.

For more information visit: http://ecojot.com/giveProgram.aspx

You can thank ecojot for their generosity and support the children who benefit from this program by buying ecojot products where ever they are sold. We will have them in stock again in the coming weeks.

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