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The good news:  The price of those cuddly blabla dolls we all know and love has never been lower. Earlier this year we were able to lower the price as the value of the CDN dollar rose.

In other news: We’ve been informed that the cost for the natural cotton yarn used for these sweet little dolls has gone way up.

The bad news: We have to raise our prices on blabla.

More good news:We aren’t going to raise the price just yet! So it’s sorta like a sale! 🙂

So make like a bandit and get your blabla on while these prices last!


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This is one of the best versions of Itsy Bitsy Spider I’ve ever heard… and seen! Enjoy!

Caspar Babypants!

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Paper Nuts…

When we decided to expand Citizen Kid to include an online web store, we researched shipping methods and packaging materials. We knew we wanted to re-use and recycle packing materials that we were already receiving from our suppliers. But to supplement that, we wanted to find an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap and polystyrene “peanuts” that would allow us to ship our packages with as much protection as possible.

We’re happy to say we did! It’s Paper Nuts! A made-in-Ontario product too!

PaperNuts® are a new loose-fill packaging material that is a superior alternative to expanded polystyrene made from OIL, and Food cornstarch derivatives. Made from 100% recycled cellulose materials, this product is both biodegradable and fully recyclable after use. It is clean, safe, non-polluting and low in particulates. PaperNuts  are welcomed by the vast majority of people who upon opening packaged goods are confronted by the annoyance and inconvenience, static and waste associated with oil-based polystyrene peanut products or moisture absorbent cornstarch material.

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Congratulations to Stephanie who was the winner of our “forward to a friend” promotion we had to launch our new website a few weeks ago!

She is the proud new keeper of this beautiful bear from Ebulobo!

Thanks for your support! And you all can feel free to tell EVERYBODY about Citizen Kid’s new online store! 🙂

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Just wanted to share a few new beautifully designed products that recently arrived at Citizen Kid.

These two board books feature “lift-the-flap” technology that is sure to delight your little ones both at bedtime and before breakfast! The little animal characters inside are very cute.

We also have two new memory matching games! Both feature very cool artwork and colours with sports and princess themes…

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