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We have new products arriving at Citizen Kid every week.  Prominently displayed in our window is The Skuut!

skuut bike

A Skuut Bike is an award winning, hand-made, wooden balance bike for kids ages 2-5.  It’s a great “active toy” that helps children develop balance and coordination.  The wheels have inflatable tires so the Skuut is as fun to use on the sidewalk as it is on a gravel path or across a grassy field.

Have a look at their website for more information.  http://www.skuut.com


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Hi!  Welcome to the home of the Citizen Kid Blog. This space will be used for us to share information and updates about our store, Citizen Kid.

This is no ordinary toy store.  We are independent and locally owned. We’re excited and proud to be a new part of our community in Hamilton, and all of Southern Ontario.

Why are we called Citizen Kid?  We chose the name to highlight the idea that decisions made by kids (or on their behalf) reflect on that individual as a member of a good society.  A good citizen helps somebody cross the street,  holds open doors, and participates in their community.  We think they also make ethical decisions about what they buy.  One can choose high-quality, long lasting, and eco-friendly toys.  It’s an important concept to us – something we try to teach our own children.

So our toys are very carefully selected in accordance with some strict criteria.

  • They must be beautiful and well designed.  We understand that this is subjective but just wait until you see the store!
  • We strive to select toys that reflect an ethical approach to consumerism.  There is an emphasis on eco-friendly and fair-trade products.  That’s why so many of the toys we carry are made of natural materials and renewable resources and many are also certified “fair-trade” products.
  • They must be safe. We only carry toys from manufacturers who can ensure the safety of their products. Many of our products are made in Europe and North America. Those that are produced in Asia are made by reputable companies that have strict quality control, and have never had recalls for harmful substances in their toys, such as lead or other heavy metals.
  • Toys must stimulate a child’s desire to play and engage his or her imagination and creativity.


We look forward to telling you more about the wonderful toys we carry and the ongoing development of our store.

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