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We love kid’s books!  Our book collection (both at home and at Citizen Kid) continues to grow.  Many of our favourites come from a publisher called Barefoot Books.  All of their products are aptly described by their slogan, “Celebrating Art and Story.”

Just today we received five new titles (at least new to us) along with restocking some favourites.  I’ll tell you about one of them but you will have to come into the store to see the rest!


Written by Joanne Oppenheim / Illustrated by Miriam Latimer

This wonderfully lyrical story is perfectly complimented by the fantastical artwork inside.  Children from age 3-8 will find the story’s scenario and the Prince’s predicament familiar and entertaining.  As will parents!

Even with everyone in the kingdom coming to the palace to lend a hand, it seems that nothing will help the Prince sleep.  The King and Queen are at their wit’s end!  Will the Prince ever give them — and himself — some rest?

This paperback edition includes a “storytime” CD with the story read by actor Jim Broadbent.  Many of the Barefoot books include these CDs.  They are great for in the car, and can also provide a more inspiring alternative to taking a TV break.

Thanks to Beth, a Citizen Kid regular, for recommending this title – we like it too!  We love suggestions so please feel free to share your favourites in the comments or with an email to trevor@citizenkid.ca.

Spoiler Alert:  He falls asleep in the end.  🙂


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