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We have now fully integrated our blog into our main website at http://www.citizenkid.ca!

Click the picture above to visit the new blog and to check out the latest updates and stories from Citizen Kid!


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We trust you have noticed our logo at the top of this blog and we’re happy to say that the feedback we have received so far has been very positive.  This logo is the centrepiece of the whole Citizen Kid brand we are creating.  We are very proud of it and I’d like to take a moment to tell you a little more about it’s design.

The “branding” of Citizen Kid began in earnest in December of 2008.  That’s when we first met with the team at Kitestring Creative Marketing and Communications. However, developing the concept of our store was the all important first step from which flowed the inspirations for the visual identity we wanted to create.  After some brainstorming and extremely positive collaboration with the great people at Kitestring (more about them soon!) a concept began to take shape.  Since then it has been carefully edited and crafted resulting in the final version displayed here and always at the top of this blog.


This is taken from our “Corporate Identity Guidelines” package as provided by Kitestring. I think it provides interesting insight.

The original artwork used in the logo was specifically created for the Citizen Kid brand.  The Three Icons: Person, House, Tree symbolize the three “building blocks” of Citizen Kid: the child, community, and the earth.  The icons were created to be friendly and familiar, reminiscent of the toys of a child.  They resemble building blocks, which are not only classic children’s toys, but also indicate the importance of growing, learning, and building.

The “wordmark” element of the logo speaks for itself with it’s thoughtful, playful design and bright colours.  More elements of our brand continue to evolve and will be seen on our forthcoming website, in our store, and here on this blog.

Keep an eye out for this logo on Locke Street.  I promise you won’t be able to miss it.  We’re entering the final stages and we couldn’t be more excited!  Thank-you for reading our blog.  We’ll have information about our Grand Opening posted here soon!

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