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Valentine’s Day is almost here, and whether or not you’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrows this year, you will find everything you need for the little one(s) you love at Citizen Kid.

Check out the Make Your Own Valentines kit.  This is a fun way to create unique (and unbranded) Valentines for all your friends and classmates at school.

Here’s a beautiful felt purse — hand-made from En Gry & Sif,  to carry all of your Valentine’s cards…

And a Berry-Lee Boogaloo to cuddle with!

We’ve also found some great books to promote a little cuddle time on the couch…

And how about some sweet pretend pastries to nibble on?  Perfect with a mug of hot chocolate…

Don’t forget to pick up the flowers and the hand-made chocolates while on Locke Street…  Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Won’t yo-yo be our Valentine?


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