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“Luxury Living for Discriminating Fairies!”

The Fairy Forest Lodge is back for Christmas this year at Citizen Kid in a new way. This year, the sets will be bundled together for huge savings and additional play value! The set includes everything shown in the picture and more for one, awesome price.


Fairy Forest Lodge, Bridge and River Puzzle Set, Mushroom Hammock, Table and Stool Set, Living Room Set, Kitchen and Bedroom Set, Bathroom Set, two FREE Fairies, and a FREE Puzzle Base

A $255.00 value for only $199.66.

Only while supply lasts!



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We’ve been very busy (as evidenced by the lack of blog posts) discovering more exciting products to bring to Citizen Kid. One of our favourites is a fun fresh take on the traditional doll house. It’s called the Forest Fairy Lodge!

Style, comfort and convenience abound in our wondrous wooden dream home designed with fairies in mind. Lovingly built to resemble the hollowed trunk of a tree (a known fairy hangout), it has three spacious levels, a spiral staircase, doors that open, and decorative windows.  (www.enchantmints.com)


Billed as “luxury living for discriminating fairies”, this hollow-tree home can be filled with all sorts of fairy finery from toadstool tables and chairs, to a comfortable hammock made from leaves and mushrooms. A cosy living room set is also a must!


If you haven’t been to the store in a while there are other new things to see — so come on down!

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