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We’re almost 1/12th of the way into 2011 and what’s new at Citizen Kid? Lots of stuff!

Well first of all, we are re-stocked on some of our favourites like:

Goblet Gobblers – a very fun tic-tac-toe style game from Blue Orange Games with wooden blue and orange gobblers.

Doodling and colouring books from Taro Gomi.

Waldorf style stacking blocks from Grimm’s.

We have also added some new products including some great new stuff for the under 1 year old set:

Wee Gallery Art Cards and soft books.

Organic cotton toys for babies from Dandelion.

And also the newest lines from cate & levi including hand-made purses and journals made in Canada.


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That guy in the background looks kinda crabby!!

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Our shipment from Grimm’s Spiel and Holz Design arrived from Germany the other day.  This is a line of toys we were very excited to see and they did not disappoint.


In German spiel means play and holz means wood. The Grimm’s line of products are beautifully shaped and coloured toys.  They have a wonderful texture to the wood as well.

We decided to let our girls (ages 4 and 2) test some things out.  It was truly amazing to see how quickly and fully they were absorbed in play.  They were so excited to see the different ways they could stack them and continuously called us over to see their most recent creations.  The next morning, our 2 year old was searching the house for this toy but we had put it away.  We had to take it back out of course!


The Grimm’s line of toys incorporates many aspects of the Waldorf and Montessori style of education.  There is always an opportunity for the child to discover and develop their own creativity.


We can’t wait to see other children (of all ages) discovering Grimm’s Spiel and Holz at Citizen Kid.

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