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Citizen Kid will have many different kinds of toys.  Some products will stimulate a six year old’s imagination and others will help infants develop new motor skills.  But the Rody will definitely provide children with endless “active play” possibilities.


Rody is an incredibly rugged, inflatable toy made from thick latex-free vinyl.  It is free of banned phthalates – a potentially harmful additive found in many plastics.  We have had a Rody at home since our oldest daughter was 2 years old.  Now at age 5 she still enjoys bouncing around.  Our youngest is now starting to use Rody on her own.

Rody can be inflated to adjust for the weight and height of a child.  Children get great exercise while improving their balance and coordination.

rodyblue400 Rody horses have been made in Italy since 1984 and exported around the world.  Citizen Kid will have them available in blue, lime green, and pink.  We hope you can come by and try out this exciting toy for yourself.


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