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It’s almost time for Locke Street’s 12th annual festival and Citizen Kid is all geared up! There’s going to be all sorts of great things, from food to music, so be sure to check out our table right outside our store! We’ll have blocks and  colouring activities for the kids while the parents check out our great selection of Back-to-School stuff.

Just in is a great tool for kids and parents: My Lunch Box. 50 simple and fun school lunch recipes that everyone can agree on! In addition to recipes the box also includes: tips on keeping food hot (or cold), stickers, and 15 blank recipe cards to encourage kids to put their own mark on lunch time.


Need storage that doesn’t look like storage? Check out the great selection of fabric Storage Containers from 3 Sprouts. We just got the newest 3 Sprouts Storage Boxes, designed to fit in IKEA Expedit Units! All 3 Sprouts bins suit any kids room, from newborns to teens, are durable and easy to clean. The storage containers from 3 Sprouts are a great way to keep your kid’s room clean!


And for all you Blabla lovers, not only do we have more of the hand knitted stuffed dolls, but we also have the brand new Hand-Knitted Bird Rattles! These birds are one the cutest things we’ve ever had and come in six different styles. A great first rattle for baby!


All this and more, so come by on Saturday September 10th.

See you at the Locke Street Festival!


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Got a fresh batch of balloons in for The Locke Street Festival!

(did you know that latex balloons are completely bio-degradable!)


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The very first Locke Street Farmers’ Market will be this Thursday (June 17) from 3-7pm!

There is sure to be lots of local fruits, vegetables, and meat as well as fresh bread and pastries.

Get all of the information right here: LOCKE STREET FARMERS’ MARKET

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We are no longer the retail newcomers to Locke Street. We’re very excited to to see a new Ten Thousand Villages store set up shop just north of us at 162 Locke Street South. The ongoing evolution of Locke Street continues!


We’re excited because Ten Thousand Villages and Citizen Kid have shared values of environmental awareness, fair trade partnerships, and a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Also chocolate. They have great chocolate. We picked up some hand-made African rain-forest chocolate and a few beautifully illustrated children’s books on Saturday.

For more information on the principles of fair-trade and to see some of the beautiful products for sale at Ten Thousand Villages please visit their website www.tenthousandvillages.ca.

I tried very hard to come up with a clever play-on-words about how many villages it takes to raise a Citizen Kid but came up dry. Please let me know if you come up with something good and I will edit this post and give you all the credit!

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We open at 188 Locke St. in Hamilton, Ontario later this spring.  But first a little history.


Locke Street is located in Hamilton’s southwest corner, at the foot of the Niagara Escarpment.  Most of the homes and buildings in this area were built in the first ten or twenty years of the last century.  More recently the street has evolved into a vibrant and eclectic destination for locals and out-of-towners to meet for coffee, shopping, lunch or dinner, get a hair-cut, attend church, or just to hang out.


Below is what 188 Locke Street looked like when we first knew it would “soon” be the home of Citizen Kid.

collectorsstoreThe building itself was not in very good shape.  The “Collector’s Store” had some great stuff in there but it was time for this corner to get freshened up.

A casual conversation with the owner of “Antiques on Locke” included an interesting bit of information about the building.  You can see where an old painted sign on the exterior wall was left uncovered when the building was plastered some years ago.  The sign reads “Jeffery’s Shoe Store”.  I was told that Mr. Jeffery was a very successful distance runner and, with the prize money from his victory at the New York Marathon, he opened his own shoe store here in Hamilton.

Below is a picture of what the building looks like now.


I think I was able to catch the last moments of the “Jeffery’s Shoe Store” sign with these shots.  Some needed improvements are being made.  This includes windows.  Four on the street level and five on the upper level.


Later this week the entire wall facing Locke street will be coming down.  It has some structural faults.  I will certainly try to get some photos of that operation!

Below is an architect’s rendition of what things will look like upon completion.  I found out today that there will be some major cosmetic differences from this picture in the end.  You will have to stay tuned to see how it turns out.


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