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Hia! Anna from Citizen Kid here!

I’m SO exited about the new Finger Puppets that arrived that I just HAD to take over the blog to tell you about them!  All the little critters (and there are sooo many different ones) are hand knit, fair trade, in Peru by the artisans of “Lucama”.  Being a knitter myself I’m fascinated by all the different little stitches used to make the varied textures, patterns and little tiny expressions on the animals and people. I’ve become particularly fond of the CONDOR — the largest flying land bird in the western hemisphere!

He’s hanging out (in miniature of course) with me at Citizen Kid so, if your popping in, you can pop one or two of his pals on your fingers and make puppet show small enough to fit in your pocket!

Bye for now!  I think I’ll go make a tropical sea scape on the block table for the crab finger puppets to hang out in….


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